Monday, August 6, 2012

Some shred pics from mt Hood

Check some shots from states trip. Mt Hood
trippin with the girls
high cascade jumps bs 540
try to make a back flip after pipe to pipe competition (windells park) it was sketchy
tail grab (windells park)
touch the jump (miller flip, windells park)
eye slide (high cascade park)
fs 3 to the clouds windells jumps
270 in (high cascade)
chillin after
It was nice trip, awesome parks, beautifull nature around, love this place, back one day for sure

Sunday, April 15, 2012


a bit of shredding over there

first day of riding, 30th of martch, lots of snow

love this bench nearby our house

what is that? wait a movie this autumn

helicopter, view around

breakfast for champions

after riding wait a transfer

coast in the Sochi

wait our flight in the airport with Olia and leave this nice place, it was a such a good time, thanks to quicksilver

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Sochi "Krasnaya Polyana"

first impressions was " like a Russia"

hammer and sickle...
almost 2 meters of snow in the city
the taxi man said the last time when he saw that much snow was in 1999

big air Europe Cup

got first

Hello Krasnaya Polyana
overview on the Russian mountains

fresh snow wait us

ready for pow

in the lift

best pastime


peace & love

Russian Cup was in a future Olympic half pipe
and defenetly its the best pipe in Russia

met our president on the start, he said "good luck"
but for sure nothing changes... fuck the government!

bad run or tired?

hotel where we stop in Sochi

and met a sunset after riding

snow & palms at last day, can imagine what will on the top


find some old ship

Saturday, January 28, 2012

France & Austria, 2 weeks of training and competitions

winter village in 2 alps looks different

training in a pipe (Bilanin)

it was good day...snowy

sofa is the best for chilin

Dima find a new friend

move to Austria, Brandnetal

Europa cup is going

cant say that it was fun, but defenetly good experience and practice

take some places(first and third)